Whilst the prospect of weight loss and achieving the figure of your dreams is often fantasised regularly, in most cases it is one audacious step out of our own comfort zone into into the unknown.

Unfortunately it is never as simple as we imagine, and in most cases there are several speed bumps along this journey - I know for myself certainly, there were, and still are undoubtedly moments of desperation and more importantly; expectation. Expectation on yourself to succeed in this ‘Journey’.

For myself it took a lot of time and the natural turns in life to appreciate the enormity of the challenge at hand - for my personal goals; much in relation to my nutritional habits as well as my weeks worth of training, there were always periods where I didn't quite live up to the demand of what I expected of myself. This got me down. I’d start again and subsequently get knocked straight back down simply due to the expectation I had irresponsibly loaded on my own shoulders. Id almost expect everything to just be perfect - when in reality I was dreaming. I couldn't have been perfect.

This vicious cycle of chasing perfection would always end in a lapse of diligence and motivation which I would deny, and this inevitable progress that I was driven for was simply going in circles. As each client continued to walk through the door I would almost expect the same intense motivation and diligence from them; knowing full well they may have not have even been in a gym before, or even considered following a meal plan. They expected results so I expected utmost adherence… I was kidding myself and was also may as well kissed their potential results goodbye; I may have been lucky in some circumstances to have the individuals that are unusually driven but in most cases I didn't have such luck.

Due to several extenuating circumstances over the past 12 months for myself I had the opportunity to take a look at the big picture, in retrospect I had the luxury to take my fierce attention off my training and nutrition; I wasn’t comfortable doing that, after so many years it being my number one priority, but thankfully I didn't have much choice. And wow, didn't I enjoy myself. Yes my results may have suffered, I lost a lot of muscle, gained a bit of fat. But what I got out of that period was priceless.

I felt human again, not a programmed robot that was immediately excluded from social occasions because it may have hindered my results. Yet I feel that I have a balance in life that allows me to share great moments which great people without any guilt hinging on those luxuries that life offers.

Upon writing this blog, I have shared many conversations with Harry; he is my boss and a work colleague, and a lot of you also know that he is my best mate, I'm also grateful to say that we train together on a day to day basis - ultimately what we have gained from thorough discussions on this topic of loading unrealistic expectations has allowed us to impart this important facet of balance into our clients. Yes we strive for results in our clients and want the best out of them, but there is certainly a healthy way to go about this.

A lot of you who know Harry will surely have heard him talk about or write about the importance of beating yesterday. Forget about how good you were two years ago. Focus on where you are today. This is so relevant. You are only setting yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic and unachievable goals; set your goals in achievable measure and knock one over at a time.

Implementing this mode of goal setting with each client has proved to be an enormous success, obviously everyone is different, have different goals. Whether people have battles nutritionally or in the gym training, finding the right balance with a feasible approach that doesn't load enormous amounts of expectation will always prove more of a success; don’t bite off more than you can chew!