Being our first blog I really wanted to choose something that lots of people can resonate with. One of the hardest misconceptions to break through with clients has always been their relationship with a little thing called Carbohydrates! So choosing our first topic was a sinch...

Not many people would know this but most Personal Training courses dabble in nutrition for a few days only, my course did it for one solitary day!! Complete madness really when you think a lot of people perceive a Personal Trainer as a Nutritionist, Doctor, Physio and in some cases a Counsellor! I went on to do a few courses in weight loss nutrition, post exercise nutrition etc. and I also managed to do a mentorship with a nutritionist. But I have to say, the general info I got was pretty lazy and didn't really come from strong scientific principles. Basically there is a consensus in Australia at the moment that the route of all our health problems comes for anything that has Carbohydrates. CARBS ARE THE DEVIL!!!! And I agreed with this based on what I was taught. The general view is that Carbs are energy so if you eat it and don't immediately go running you will store it as fat, or if you eat some late in the day you will definitely store it because you are going to bed soon after. This view almost completely ignores a little thing called "METABOLISM"

We are literally burning energy 24/7. Some say you are born with your Metabolism and that is it, if it is slow there is no speeding it up. What rubbish. Through counting macro-nutrients and slowly increasing your caloric intake you can improve your metabolic rate enormously! Pretty handy when you think about it - if someone can maintain their weight eating 2000 calories a day and another person can maintain on 4000, who has a better chance of dropping weight when they want to? The 4000 person of course, there is MUCH more room to cut back and the drop in energy will shock their metabolism much more. Personally I have gone from eating 275g of Carb a day to eating 570 - and I am leaner today! Jody Nonnenmacher (check "Journey's So Far" page for photos) has lost 34kg and has gone from 50g of carb a day on her first cutting diet with us, to now eating 300g a day!!! All this food while losing 34kg!! So high carb foods (pasta, bread, fruit, beans, rice, potato, juice etc etc etc) really aren't the issue are they?

So next time your friend tells you they are "cutting back on carbs" or "not eating bread after lunch" tell them they are crazy. Like we always say, you will NEVER EVER EVER EVER win through starvation.

Before finishing up, I would be completely inconsiderate if I didn't give a MASSIVE thank you to a fellow coach; Joey Zinghini. I went and saw him for some help a few years ago now, after doing low carb stuff with clients and following what I was taught by Fitness Australia like every other Personal Trainer I was going no where and fast! From day one Joey has not let me give him a single cent even though his teachings and sessions with me are worth more then he knows. He has simply said "I am happy to help someone who is genuine" I am proud to fight the fight with Joey, anyone who works with him or hires him is very lucky! If we are so lucky Joey has hinted at doing a few blogs for us soon, will get into more specific info soon for you guys. Until then, enjoy your carbs and train hard!