I pretty much don't have to type anything to go with photos like these! This is what 22kg in 5 months looks like! Made even more impressive by the fact that Chrissy and New Years fell inside that time!

Anyone who knows Billy knows that he is a hard worker, but I think it is safe to say he is surprised a few people! He is a man who works hard, enjoys a beer and loves his sport. So from the start we wanted to make his program enjoyable while still being optimal, for example we always use strength training for the metabolic and hypertrophy benefits and Billy is naturally very strong so a bit of powerlifting is just what the doctor ordered!
Everyone knows how obsessed with metabolism we are down here, and Billy's nutrition plan was no different. We had Billy eating high carb (measured and allocated correctly) to allow for metabolic improvement more often then we had him cutting his carb and aiming for weight loss. This makes his drop even more impressive as our approach is always conservative. He has a great metabolism and 5 years ago I would have cut his calories indefinitely to great success for the first few months only to eventually plateau and then Billy would have had great difficulty not getting weight re-gain. Thank goodness he came this year instead! Billy is in a great position now where he can essentially continue dropping at will until he is happy, a healthy metabolism is worth the wait…
Billy has a naturally strong body type and many people in his shoes are tentative to use strength training through fear of 'bulking' as you can see from his pics Billy has done quite the opposite! I think 5kg came out of his calves alone!
Big congrats from all of us here Billy, your dedication has been unreal and we know you will continue getting everything you want out of fitness because you are willing to put in the work and be patient.
P.S. Thanks for letting us use your pics!