Foam Rolling and it’s purpose!

Foam Rolling With Jack

Many of you may have seen one of these popular ‘recovery wonder tools’ floating around at the gym or home. You may have even tried it yourself. However, if you are ready to rock and roll do you know what it does and how to use it effectively?

What is foam rolling [...]

Why am I sore!? (What is DOMS)

Walking away from an intense workout you would think the pain would be over right? Well, not quite…

Delayed onset muscle soreness or formidably known as DOMS is the pain felt in our muscles usually 1 to 3 days after an intense or unfamiliar bout of exercise.

The damage or ‘micro-trauma’ occurring to your muscle fibres [...]

Should we continue to chase our dreams?

I overheard an American TV host talking about goal setting just this morning.  Her words, in a roundabout kind of way, was that everyone should knuckle down & study, fiercely pursue their career and your personal life will follow.  She spoke those words from personal experience and she was SO set in her view!  [...]

Henry’s HIIT Workout of the month!


-> Complete 4 x rounds

-> 1:00 rest between each round

-> If sub 6:30 for all 4, add a 5th round attempt

* MEN *

-> Complete 4 x rounds

-> 1:00 rest between each round

-> If sub 5:30 for all 4, add a 5th round attempt




0.5 mile


$8254 Raised for The Black Dog Institute!

Our annual BDI fundraiser was a huge success this year with over $8200 raised - nearly a thousand up on last year! We had an enormous amount of prizes donated for the silent auction, all time slots for 1/2 priced PT full and every trainer working to make the day as fun as possible. [...]

December – Maddie Bizjak-Smith!

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November – Leonie!

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A Step Into The Unknown – Henry Yuill

Whilst the prospect of weight loss and achieving the figure of your dreams is often fantasised regularly, in most cases it is one audacious step out of our own comfort zone into into the unknown.

Unfortunately it is never as simple as we imagine, and in most cases there are several speed bumps along this [...]

September – Rod MacDonald!

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August – Ailsa Martin!

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