Everyone needs to stop trying to be so bloody perfect with their food choices!!!

There. I'm going to let that sink in for a bit... Surely I have just made some people angry with just my first sentence - that might be a record! I couldn't tell you the amount of times I have heard the following:

"I eat clean"
"I don't eat anything processed"
"I eat really healthy food"
"I don't eat sweets"

It goes on... And normally I hear this from people who are coming to me with health issues! That really says something I think. "Clean" foods can make you put on fat just like "bad" foods. I don't have Facebook personally but when I am on there for The Shed, all I see is people publicising how clean and healthy their meals are. Some of you may have noticed I have taken Joey's lead in posting photos of my horribly dirty meals! Contrary to a lot of people's thoughts, these are not pics of cheat meals. I am still hitting my macros with these meals and therefor still getting what I want from my nutrition. When you look after your metabolism you don't need cheat meals!

It's funny you know, people who lecture me most on whether my foods are "good" or "bad" are often people who have no comprehension of what they are eating. In other words, the "per 100g" nutritional table on the back of foods is complete gibberish to them. Telling yourself I don't need to look at what is in my foods because I eat "clean" is about as intelligent as saying "I take a multi vitamin every day so I don't have to exercise". I know plenty of unhealthy people who eat very clean foods, so clean its like they have put their broccoli in the dishwasher!


So now lets look at the people currently waving this "clean" eating banner. 99% of you are either lying, or inadvertently lying. Wow, imagine the anger simmering in their pots of brown rice now! Let me explain - a large number of "clean" eaters publicise their lifestyle to give them a false sense of superiority over their friends. It's sick. And to be honest it really perpetuates body image issues in these poor friends. It makes them feel guilty for liking the taste of bread. So cut it out! We all know these "cleanies" stay awake at night with a torch under their covers eating deep fried ice cream covered in sprinkles! And then another large portion of "clean" eaters just aren't aware what a clean food is! (To be honest I still don't understand either, I wiped some burger rings with spray and wipe and nothing happend) These guys post all their wonderfully, sparklingly "clean" meals only to accidentally post a photo later that night of them enjoying a glass of wine with friends - whoops! And then there is the tiny percent of "clean" eaters who actually do eat this way 24/7. Even on their birthdays. You guys are freaking amazing. You deserve the Nobel prize. You guys need to be studied in a lab - because what you are doing isn't human! One point before I go on - anyone reading this who tries to eat wholesome organic food and does so without trying to make others feel guilty, please please please do not think this blog is referring to you, your food choices are none of my business and this fact is kind of a big point of my blog!

I saw a well known PT on TV the other day looking very sheepish when asked if she ate chocolate. She didn't end up answering as if eating chocolate is as bad as murder. I don't expect her to say "yeah I eat it all the time" but to imply never eating it as the way to go, just makes people feel really guilty. And I strongly believe this sort of position does nothing to help people improve their eating. I eat chocolate, always have. And as long as Cadbury keep combining their chocolate with amazing things like crunchie, I probably always will! And I'll tell you one other thing, all my clients eat sweets too. Even the ones who have lost 30, 40 kilos, I put Tim Tams on people's plans if they like them (call the cops!) They aren't eating a whole packet but they do eat them. When your feeling energetic, satisfied and fit you don't crave whole packets of the stuff! You don't have to break your diet to eat yummy things - you just need a better diet! Someone telling one of our clients that the chocolate they eat is full of carbs makes me chuckle, when your hitting a set macronutrient total set out by a decent coach this lecture of "too much carb" is completely redundant. Now OF COURSE using oats, banana and eggs to hit your macros will offer more vitamins and minerals then using chocolate, protein bars and lollies BUT completely cutting out certain foods without any understanding of nutrition is just naive and isn't going to last. As Dr Layne Norton often quotes - "If you can't see yourself following your current nutrition plan a month from now, a year from now or 5 years from now - you need to stop doing it."

I apologise if this blog comes across as a rant - so many of our clients get worried about the general public's idea of "good" and "bad" foods. TV, magazines and all their Facebook and twitter friends keep ramming it down their throats! So, for those of you eating clean and thinking we are sinners, leave your angry comments below. And for those of you who enjoy eating "bad" foods - give some thought to having a professional help you with setting out a macronutrient based nutrition plan. If you aren't happy with your health or they way you look, it's probably not the foods you eat, it's probably the timing, amount, lack of other foods and exercise choices!