How much is nutritional coaching?

Nutritional Coaching, initial set-up, on going unlimited support and changes are all a free perk of being a member. Nutrition is essential to the likelihood of achieving your goals.

Can I use the gym without following the nutrition plan?

Yes. All clients are welcome to use The Shed purely for exercise.

Can I still eat my own recipes?

OF COURSE! This is something we pride ourselves on, teaching people how to eat the things THEY love. It takes time but the ultimate goal with all Shedders is to not only see them get unbelievable results, but also to develop a healthy relationship with food. And the cornerstone of this healthy relationship is learning how to eat ALL FOODS in the right moderation and scenario.

How long before I start seeing results?

This is different for all people, depends mainly on two things:

  1. Your current Metabolic capacity.
  2. Your commitment and desire to follow the plan.

We do not like to make crazy guarantees – there is enough of those flying around in this industry – instead we will say with sensible nutrition and proven exercise choices; results are inevitable.

What if the diet includes foods I don’t like or am allergic to?

After joining, your first 30 minute session will be purely on nutrition. Although our long-term plan for clients is to have them counting macros and choosing their own foods, initially this can be daunting and very time consuming. So in the first session we will write a meal plan with YOU so that it includes foods you love and excludes foods you are allergic too, choose not to eat etc.