This is a relatively unknown part of my journey.  One I haven’t shared with many people and only a few clients who I thought would benefit from hearing it.  My weight loss and fitness journey started because, quite frankly, I received a massive kick up the bum from a health professional.  I’d always WANTED to lose weight, but had never seen it as an immediate problem. I’d grown up being of a solid build, but relatively active.  I knew the importance of fruit & vegetables and I knew on a general basis what was healthy & unhealthy.  But over the years, the weight crept on.  And on.  And on.  Strangely enough though, I felt my size had never stopped me from doing anything.  I just made do.  I got around it.

Then I fell pregnant with my first baby.  I put on close to 26kgs!  I was already overweight and I’d just added ANOTHER 26kgs to the problem!  I lost a small amount  after I gave birth, but never went back to pre-pregnancy weight.  I tried a few things like walking, diet shakes etc.  But really, what would be the point?  I was planning on falling pregnant as soon as my son turned 1 and I would inevitably put on pregnancy weight again, right?  I felt like I was fighting against nature.

That’s when I received my wake up call.  And at the risk of sounding very cliché, it literally changed my life.

It was the day I visited my obstetrician after I fell pregnant with my daughter, now 4.  She told me that if I gained anymore than the actual weight of my baby, I would be too overweight  to give birth at Bowral Hospital.  I would have to be transferred to a hospital in Sydney.

I was mortified.  And I was so embarrassed.  How could I explain to friends & family that they couldn’t visit me locally?  What excuse could I use?

Fast forward a few months and I was able to give birth at Bowral.  I quite possibly did everything wrong nutrition wise, but I stayed active throughout the pregnancy.  I put on 4 kgs and my daughter weighed 3.85kgs at birth.  I’d achieved my goal. At first, breastfeeding, then a very strict low-calorie diet including diet shakes and massive amounts of cardio helped me lose about 20kgs.  I was stoked.  I felt like crap, but I was happy.  I was the smallest I’d been since my teenage years.  Did I mention that I felt like crap?  Zero energy, every single piece of “nice” food was out of bounds, and I HATED cardio.  Loathed it.  But this was all I knew.  This is what I had to do to get skinny.

My weight loss eventually stalled, so I thought my body was trying to tell me “This is as skinny as you’ll ever be”.  OK, I’d reached my threshold. This was it.  Just be happy with what you’ve got. So I started eating “normal” food again, but the kilos started coming back on.  And they were coming on thick & fast.  I wasn’t eating bad, but what I later learnt was I had inadvertently ruined my metabolism with endless hours of cardio & ridiculously low-calorie diets.  My body didn’t know what the hell to do with the food.  So it was storing it.  ALL OF IT.

Enter The Shed & Harry Carlon.  I still remember my very first consult with Harry and his words to me – “If you feel that you HAVE to eat a Mars Bar everyday, I’ll work that into your nutrition plan.  It’s that flexible”.  Gobsmacked.  This was the diet plan & gym for me!

The journey wasn’t smooth.  It wasn’t easy.  It was long – in fact, I’m still on it! I failed at short term cuts.  I used ridiculous excuses as to why I didn’t do my sprints for the week.  I was sore after my workouts.   So many times I wanted to stab Harry’s eyes out for making me do walking lunges!  But you know what?  Week in, week out, I continued to show up. And it didn’t take me long to love it.  And live it.

So here I am today, about 2.5 year down the track.  I’m now close to 40kgs lighter and stronger than ever.  My husband & I run a local business,  have 2 kids & I now work for Harry as a PT as well!  My life is definitely busy, but it’s never too busy to look after my health & nutrition.  I’ll never make that mistake again.