Would you believe Kelly is a mum of 3! Abs like that do not come easy 🙂
Kel has been a client of the month in the making for a while now, every time I see her I nearly faint, she has made such drastic changes to her physique these last few months it was easy to give her the gong. Kel never had much body fat in the first place but found she had a real sticking point in the high 60's and could just not break though. After a few months we talked Kel into a long term Accelerator (increasing calories each week) even though there would be no weight loss for some time. The most aesthetically pleasing sacrifice a woman can make! This increase in metabolic capacity meant Kel had the room for a long term cut and the results speak for themselves! Just look at those ABS!
Kel took some real convincing to share these photos, originally I told her to get a before pic for private motivation, but after seeing her massive changes we just had to share them as they are so darn motivating!
Most of the time the results someone gets in a cut is a reflection of how hard they worked before the cut started, it is hard to willingly eat more and more when your overall goal is to get leaner. But Kel's patience and trust in us is truly special and we are just so grateful to have helped her get to this point. It is rare to have someone trust us so willingly as most people are thinking about how they will look next week, not how they will look in 6 months! But just like the tortoise and the hare patience always wins!
Congrats Kel you look STUNNING and I am so jealous of those abs! To all you mums out there who are getting told time and time again that you CAN'T do it - Kel shows us otherwise 😉