"After several months of deliberation I finally plucked up the courage to go in the doors of the tiny studio under the performing arts centre, from doing my research on the net I knew a bit about the boys from the SHED but no amount of reading could prepare me for the life changing process I was about to undertake.

Right from the outset I found Harry and Henry were most accommodating, professional and really knew their stuff, but what struck me about them the most was their passion for their jobs, their clients and the results they were chasing. It didn’t take long and I found my body transforming, my health improving but most importantly my attitude changing dramatically.

Initially like most people weight loss was my main goal and the primary reason for signing up at the SHED and weight loss I got! Within 6 months I had dropped a staggering 18KG and was feeling great, around the same time the gym was also going through some major transformations of its own with the big move over the bridge and a few additional staff. It was about this time I started to feel a little stale with the whole gym thing eating was becoming boring but more than anything my results had slowed and my motivation was getting low.

I spoke to Harry and explained my thoughts and he was great and very sympathetic and I went away feeling all better and got back on track for a while. About a month passed and as before my enthusiasm dropped and going to the gym became a chore and nothing much seemed to happen. Once again I spoke to Harry, we sat and chatted for about half an hour one afternoon and once again I expressed my frustration and once again he was full of encouragement just stick with it he kept saying just stick with it. About 2 days later Harry came up to me during a workout and said with a very excited voice I’ve got something you may be interested in, come see me tomorrow.

Tomorrow rolled around and not really knowing what Harry had in store I can say I was a bit intrigued with the whole thing. I waltzed into the shed ready for my standard hypertrophy session and when Harry spotted me the word that came out of his mouth shocked me. It seemed to go against what I thought PT was all about and in particular the SHED. Power, we're starting a power program. I was shocked, I must say my thoughts forever on PT, fitness and weight loss was light weights high reps and cardio. To my amazement results were almost immediate in under 9 months I have almost doubled all my lifts, my weight has dropped further whilst increasing muscle bulk but most importantly my enthusiasm is back and due to the nature of the program I have found motivation no worries now.

During the time I have been doing the program I have done many sessions with Harry and we often get to chatting about many different things including of course my progress and goals but sometimes we’ll chat about the SHED and where it’s come from and where its heading and I know after the events of the past couple of months with a couple of staff changes a few injuries and things happening Harry has been a bit down but what I’d like to say to him in return is mate stick with it. Ultimately staff will come and go clients will come and go and injuries will always put a damper on your goals but stick with it. It’s your gym and it’s your enthusiasm, expertise and love of your work that keeps us all coming back. Just like you’ve done for me in finding the right training to suit what I need you will find, if you haven’t already, what you need.

So once again from me and my family (now also SHEDDER converts) thanks mate for all your hard work and dedication, can’t wait for more."

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