Attention Anyone Starting a Fitness Journey - Not Everyone Will Cheer For You!

First blog since the big move and we are starting with a topic that I have wanted to discuss for a while. It is a very hard topic to summarise in one sentence so I will just start typing!

One of the greatest things about being good at our jobs is that at The Shed we see some pretty amazing transformations! By doing metabolic nutrition and intelligent choices when it comes to exercise, we are seeing people of all body types get what they want from fitness. This sounds like a self-indulgent advertisement so far but I promise this blog has a point! So, now that I have established that we see a lot of transformations here, I want to point out some observations we have made on the clients while they are transforming and the reactions of the people closest to them.

The over bearing emotion I see in people when results start is simple – RELIEF. For most people who are struggling with weight it takes a good chunk of results before it sinks in, but sure enough when you get them past their “sticking point” with all the other diets they have done, RELIEF washes over them. It is not that surprising really, when we get a new client you can feel the anxiety from the first chat, as if the only thing going through their head is: “PLEASE work.” I guess they are scared that we are going to be another failed attempt. Getting let down by an industry obsessed with impossible standards will do that to you (the other day I read bananas are bad for you, I mean for God’s sake…) My thoughts for the anxious people out there pondering their options when it comes to weight loss – relax! A good weight loss plan shouldn’t be like rolling dice, success should be INEVITABLE, and the plan should be realistic enough that it is easy to be patient and disciplined. If you are confident you have a good coach with good principles, then trust them. Don’t burden your journey with pre conceived ideas of what is right and wrong, just trust them enough to follow their advice, and chances are you will notice pretty quickly that it is all going to work out! Our current client of the month, Jason Everett, showed enormous trust when he first started. Imagine being told you HAVE to eat more carb to eventually lose weight! But luckily for me that story has a happy ending 😉

For the most part the ones we love are utterly and completely rooting for us when we attempt to improve our lives through fitness. But then there are some – who would rather see us fail. I suppose jealousy is a massive reason why, and perhaps these people are projecting their own insecurities when wanting others to fail. It manifests in lots of different ways, one of the things I hear of the most are those nasty comments from friends at dinner parties when you decline something like wine or dessert and they say something with a fake surprised tone – “OH! Really!? You won’t have another glass? That’s right! Your crash diet doesn’t allow it! How is that going by the way?” Trust me when you’re on a plan and someone says this, it is nearly as annoying as being at dinner and someone saying – “Sorry can you please take this carrot off my plate? I am on an all green eating plan because anything except green foods is bad for you.” And the constant stories of friends talking behind your back about how you have changed since dropping a few dress sizes! Like becoming happier is somehow offensive! Basically you get the worst of both sides – you have people who are completely anti nutrition plans and then people who want their diets to be the center of attention to make everyone else feel inferior – as if the way we eat reflects our moral character!

One of my favorite transformation stories has a nasty edge to it. After training someone for 4 months and helping them get to roughly 15kg lost (about 8kg off goal weight) I met one of their close friends who was thinking of joining. Their friend seemed quite lovely just like the client until I started talking about how well this client was doing. Their initial reaction to my comments was to pull a funny face and say “Listen I know this person better then anyone, and they will be fat again in 6 weeks” Now I didn’t even know the client that well at this point but I was still so pissed off, I of course defended them and this outrage on my behalf was probably the reason the friend didn’t join! But I took a very valuable lesson from this encounter, a lesson that relates to everyday situations – not everyone is going to cheer for you when you succeed. (Just so you guys know, this client is still coming and is well past their goal weight 😉

The reason for this blog was to give you guys an idea of what some of our clients go through, so that we can all appreciate their work a bit more and perhaps be better prepared if you decide to start your journey. And next time your friend wears a tighter pair of pants, give them a high five and tell them how good they look! Because exposing their new found figure is essentially them throwing themselves out there for judgment and your response can either be profound in a positive or a negative way. And to the haters out there – leave your friends alone! Their nutrition and fitness plans are none of your business!