What is Online Coaching?

An Online Coach delivers fantastic training programs and nutrition plans that may not otherwise be available to you. Traditionally this service is aimed at elite competitors needing access to professionals globally. However, Online Coaching ‘Shed Style’ is an opportunity for ‘regular folk’ to tap into my nutritional style, without needing to have a strong nutritional background.

Following my most recent blog, “Confessions of a PT”, I had an influx of emails from people outside of the Southern Highlands who resonated with its message. A number of these were PTs wanting some advice but the majority were average Aussies wanting the name of a PT in their area that I could endorse. Unfortunately I am only familiar with local PTs and online coaches who write programs with the assumption you have a strong nutritional background. To offer what we do at The Shed … to anyone, anywhere … just makes sense.

The Shed harnesses new research on nutrition, metabolism and training to produce amazing results and our Online Coaching is an extension of that success.

We have wanted to transfer much of this research into an easy to follow system of training principles and nutrition plans. I grapple constantly with the balance between a scientifically optimal plan and an easy to understand / follow plan, but have great faith in our methods … and our results speak volumes!

Our obsession with metabolism comes through in all we do and I am proud to say our delivery of nutrition is getting easier and easier to follow without sacrificing progress. What we do is all about metabolism and this non-greedy approach to fat loss is so rare in your average PT. This is the reason so many people from out of this area continue to email me.

How does it work?

It’s very easy to get started on your Online Coaching journey…

  • Click the "Join Now" link below to be taken to our initial registration form, here you will be asked for medical history, vital measurement stats, goals and basic info.
  • Once you have completed the form click the PayPal button at the bottom which will take you through to our monthly payment system of $167 ($38.53 a week). This system gives you the power to opt out ANYTIME. We have no contracts, no sign up fees, no minimum commitments – I find if you get clients results, you don’t need to lock them in!
  • After you are signed up I will link up with you via a telephone call or email for an initial consultation to get a better idea of your specific goals, after the consult I will send through a nutrition questionnaire to get a thorough picture of how you currently eat and exercise on a day to day basis.
  • Once I have everything I need I will email through your exercise program and nutrition plan (which includes a metabolic assessment, macro nutrient targets, cardio recommendations and meal plan) plus instructions on how to update me each week.
  • Based on your updates I make changes to your nutrition plan each week depending on progress.

Note: As a “Shedder” you have unlimited email support available to ask me questions whenever and however many times you like. This way you can be sure you understand every facet of your plan for optimal results.

Still have questions? Send me a message: