Hi. I’m Harry Carlon
Let me tell you why diets not only don’t work long term,
they often result in more weight gain in the long run.

First, let me ask you 3 questions:



If you answered yes to all of these questions then you are a human being with a
normal functioning metabolism. Our metabolisms are designed to adapt to changes
in food intake - hence the plateaus when dieting, this process is
known as ‘Metabolic Adaption'. When returning to a normal intake our metabolisms
don’t just simply shoot back up, this process takes time hence
the surprising weight gain when going off a diet - even for a day!

Our metabolisms are not “broken”,
Metabolic Adaption to low intake is completely natural and a good
nutrition plan works on improving your metabolism, not damaging it.

Are you are ready to ditch the 12 week blitzes and
5 day starvations and make a change for life?
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