Journey Details

The first 4 day run of Active Kidz was a huge success with several people booking their places in the last week to fill up the intake! We had almost even numbers for boys and girls and a very nice balance between the ages of 8 - 13. We had kids who were total pros and kids who were not sporty at all. But one thing that was consistent was the enjoyment and enthusiasm. Truth be told Jody, Phil and I were quite nervous leading up to the week as we pondered looking after a group of kids and trying to make the games fun, challenging and evenly interactive for all fitness levels. Not easy at all but Jody, who did a lot of work researching different ideas nailed it with some of the more popular games. The giant norts and crosses, the obstacle courses and the mini soccer games were definitely stand outs.

The kids had a pleasingly good grasp on basic nutritional principals, importance of hydration / stretching and they all came with a willingness to work hard but enjoy themselves - it was the school holidays after all!

We crowned the Active Kidz of April clients of the month because they really came together as a group, all of them worked hard, they all supported each other and friendships were made that we are sure will stick. I have to admit I was exhausted each and every day of the program, you have to be very quick to set up games for kids with this much energy lol but on the last day I received a hand written card from one of the kids (Christian) thanking us and saying he can't wait to come to Oxley so we can be his trainers... Lets just say my eyes got a little misty when I read this.

For these reasons we cannot wait for the July run, hopefully we will see some of these amazing April kids again along with some new faces. Congrats Active Kidz, you guys are superstars!

P.S. A special thank you to some of the particularly hard working and helpful Active Kidz: Eliza, Georgia, Harry, Archie, Montie, Christian, all 3 Collins's and Ella!