Journey Details

Daniel started just 2 months ago with the goal of improving his overall health and losing some unwanted body fat. Normally we like to show longer term changes as sustainability is key but in Daniel's case it was appropriate to be a bit more aggressive as he had surgery looming 2 months after joining and he wanted to make as much progress before hand as possible.

10kg down, remarkably stronger and fitter, Daniel has changed dramatically in such a short time frame! He has done so through a very effective mindset - show up and do the work! He trains hard, never misses a session and nails his nutrition. He is a young father, full time worker and has many reasons to find such discipline difficult but in Daniel's case the goal is worth it.

Daniel will be back soon post surgery and will dive straight back into the grind, he has a long term goal and I have no doubt we will see much more from him in the future 🙂 Congrats mate, looking forward to having you back soon!