Journey Details

Maddy has been coming to The Shed for many years, she has struggled with her weight throughout her teenage years and has been through everything when it comes to trying to lose it.

For years we saw Maddy's motivation go up and down, she has come and gone from The Shed a few times and each time her confidence took a hit. Her strength and fitness progressed in leaps and bounds but the underlying truth was that Maddy was not comfortable in her skin and the fact that she couldn't sustain a strong enough motivation to see significant fat loss was a constant negative in her life.

Maddy bought motivational books, tried other gyms, tried other diets and every few months fell off the horse.

Now there is no secret to Maddy's turning point, no mental technique or nutritional approach that made her change. Maddy and I were training one night about 6 months ago and after I asked "How is your nutrition plan going?" (we had written up a new one a week earlier) the usual sentences came;
"Not too bad..."
"I've been really busy..."
"I did have a few social occasions this week..."
All sentences laced with truth designed to appease me, the person who had written her plan, Maddy feared telling me the real truth just as much as she feared facing it. The cold, heartless and heavy truth is that Maddy was not caring enough to follow her plan. Seems strange that someone can "not care enough" when they want something so bad, but that kind of disconnect happens all of the time. For example, I love my son more than anything, but a year ago I was not leaving work enough to see him. That kind of disconnect.

To be clear, I am not arrogant enough to think everyone should be following our nutritional style or that our approach is perfect. And not everyone needs to be focusing on their nutrition / training like Maddy, I am not on a strict plan right now because I do not have a pressing desire to change my health or body at present, in years past I have and my discipline was much higher. At the moment I am enjoying exercising regularly and eating well. But the bottom line is that Maddie did WANT her results. She wanted them desperately and her exterior shell being out of whack with her interior was a constant weight on her shoulders. Someone in that place needs to simplify what they are doing. For example, if you are allergic to peanuts, you do not eat them. That kind of simplicity.

Maddy simplified what she was doing and become 100% honest. She is not perfect, no one is, in fact she had a break from her plan over Christmas, but she is a woman on a mission and her destiny is guaranteed with her current mind frame; She wants this bad enough that she will sacrifice for it. Maddy trains here daily and is often here before 6am. Henry and I still have to pinch ourselves when we see her come in, headphones on, wearing stylish nike gear and a fierce determination that flows into other clients around her. In the last 6 months has she has taken ownership.

Maddy wants to make it clear she is not "there" yet. She means physically of course, but I can tell you she is "there" mentally which is far more important. The mental simplicity of what she is doing is 99.999999% of the battle, every PT will agree with me, the approach and style is minimal when compared to whether someone is ready to work and sacrifice.

You are a super star Maddy, thank you for letting me be so honest publicly about your journey, I guarantee it will help others.