Journey Details

Matt has been the ultimate quiet achiever in 2016 - slowly but surely chipping away at his goal to improve his health and fitness, Matt had his first child this year and wants to be the best possible role model that he can. Based on his transformation it is fair to say he will most likely achieve that, 44kg lost is mind boggling!

Consistency and patience can be such boring words when it comes to nutrition and exercise but surprise surprise those qualities are what decides one's long term success. Not panicking after a bad a week sounds so easy... But Matt is a true hard worker and was not happy in his skin when he started his journey. Matt got to work doing the obvious things; eating less, exercising a lot and his hard work paid off in between the first 2 photos - over 20kg lost is not easy!! From There Matt found things a little harder, little did he know at the time, his metabolism had become weaker and it was making his weight loss start to plateau. Under the insistence of his good mate Luke, Matt came along for some sessions with us and we quickly had him cycle high calorie nutrition on a 2:2 ratio and his weight loss kicked off again. We also introduced Matt to hypertrophy training and HIIT to help reverse some of that metabolic adaption. Since joining Matt has nearly lost another 20kg and is eating more than ever!

Matt has done everything we have asked, always given his all and never panicked if life has gotten in the way of his plan from time to time. Congrats mate your transformation is inspiring!!