Journey Details

One of the Shed's very own lifesavers; Sheree works as a very well experienced nurse at the Bowral hospital. Sheree, like many other women had come to us with the hope of making some significant changes to her body whilst still living a humane and enjoyable lifestyle, and that is exactly what she has done to great success. So much so that Sheree has lost a very impressive 20kg! All of that weight gone, whilst from time to time sipping on a glass of wine... Or 2!

For the past 18 months, Sheree has worked tirelessly, each and every session, even the days where motivation may be at an all time low - which is an enormous testament to her desire and ambition to reach her goals. Along with her diligence in the gym, her nutritional adherence has been something to praise. Sheree's acquired knowledge of understanding and tracking macronutrients has allowed her to follow a plan while still being able to work in the creature comforts we all enjoy.

Her photo really says it all, a complete transformation - often friends have to double take to recognise who they are seeing! Her journey has not gone unnoticed either, Sheree is not one for the spotlight at all but that hasn't stopped several other nurses who work with her being so inspired that at one point we had 3 nurses join in one week!

Congrats Sheree you have worked so hard and achieved so much - we are so proud of you!