Journey Details

Had to award 2 people this month due to both of these young Shedders showing us how it's done! Thea is 16 and Alex is 24, both have pretty similar goals of wanting to be as strong, fit and healthy as they can be - losing a combined 36kg is a pretty good sign that they are smashing their goals! Another thing these 2 share in common is how much their training has become part of their lives. People are happy to travel the proven and slower path when they enjoy what they are doing!

Jody, being Thea's trainer wrote up a little about her journey so far:

"I'm bursting with pride writing about Thea's journey with The Shed!  This young girl has managed to change her life & I genuinely hope she can be an inspiration to many teenagers out there. Thea's journey so far is amazing for many reasons other than just sheer weight loss.  Her before & after pictures tell that story easily! But can you put a "number" or "price" on someone's mental health?  Or their confidence?  Or their general overall health? If you could, then Thea has earnt herself a 10/10 in our eyes! Thea came to us with the main goal of improving her mental health, but one thing Thea wasn't counting on was finding her physical strength (Wow she is STRONG!) and self confidence.  It's safe to say that any Shed trainer who has done a session with Thea over the past 2 years, has pushed her hard and Thea has always responded in the most spectacular way -  with 100% effort. Weight loss didn't come easy to Thea, this girl has certainly earned her accolades!  But with a few tweaks to her nutrition, she has dropped a phenomenal amount of body fat since December 2015, along with reversing her insulin levels (she is now no longer pre-diabetic - that's amazing in itself!) and gaining true self worth. This right here, is a success story."

Alex's recent transformation is a product of his own love of strength training and his willingness to nurture his metabolism. In fact Alex has become such a pro and is so infatuated with what strength training has done for his confidence - he would put many PTs to shame with the knowledge he has acquired through his own research. His work ethic is exceptional and sadly he has moved on from The Shed about a month ago. One of the down sides of being a PT studio is that when someone is confident to do their own programming and training we become a bit redundant! Still had to go through with crowning Alex as Mr July though as his transformation since joining us way back in 2013 is incredible 🙂