Journey Details

Vicki joined The Shed 4.5 months ago with the goal of losing body fat and improving her general health and fitness - Vicki does shift work and self motivating for exercise and nutrition was proving difficult!

Vicki is a self described techno-phobe and our online programming and nutrition had her worried. But through a grit and determination to make this stuff part of her life, Vicki has found a way to get to the gym every week for a PT session, at least 2 sessions on her own, make a HIIT class or two and nail her nutrition plan.

Her photos tell quite a story with the time being 4 months between them! Her scans also paint quite a picture, losing 10% body fat and over 10kg of fat while not just maintaining muscle mass but INCREASING it - this is incredibly difficult to do! Vicki has also dropped her Visceral fat from a level 18 to 10!! This sort of stuff adds years to life expectancy!

Vicki you are an inspiration to many Shedders and you happen to be an awesome lady who fills this place with your positivity 🙂 We couldn't be happier for you!