Welcome to the Document My Progress form, thanks for agreeing to participate in the program. Filling in this form serves three purposes.

  1. You give us permission to document your progress which we do by taking photos, measurements, videos and conducting interviews with you as you participate on your transformational journey.
  2. It will enable you to really see the progress you make which is inspiration in itself to encourage you to keep on with the process and eventually for the habits you form while on the journey to become second nature for the rest of your life, and
  3. It is encouragement for other clients and prospective clients to see what can be achieved.

Once you fill in the form and sign it, we will begin documenting your transformation and filing your results. You can choose below to allow us to showcase your progress publicly on the website as it happens or reveal you only when you've reached your target. If you choose Showcase Progress, we will set you up a page on the site so we can show your journey. If you choose Reveal on Target you will be showcased in a post at that time.

Please Note: Upon submitting the form you are giving us permission to post images, information and other media relating to you and your journey, on our website, in magazines we may contribute to, on posters inside and outside the gym, on main stream media channels and our social media pages.


grant the right to record and document via images, videos, written text and interviews with me, my progress as a client of The Shed, and make available on their website, in posters, on social media and main stream media that they may use as part of their marketing strategy.

I understand that the documentation may be used by Harry Carlon and The Shed Fitness and its affiliates for various purposes without my express written or verbal permission, and may be made available behind locked website sections which may incur subscription fees for members.

I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished version(s) of such documentation prior to publication.

I understand I will not be paid for the documentation or the broadcast of it, now or in the future, nor receive any proceeds that may be generated from it.

I also acknowledge I will not be given the raw or produced media but will notified where it will be displayed.

I would prefer to ...