It was 50 years before I stepped foot into a gym … and even then, I was not so much skeptical as scared. I’d seen the results the Shed were getting - one of my closest friends was transforming before my eyes - but I was very large, very unfit and I had doubts as to whether I could actually go the distance.

I had an impossible amount of weight to lose, but I also had major self-doubt as to my ability to stick to a ‘diet’. I’d done it unsuccessfully so many times before. Was I just setting myself up for a public fail (my previous weight loss attempts had been in the privacy of my own home)?

What I didn’t factor into this journey was the support, the knowledgebase, the individual attention and the genuine interest the trainers have in my progress. It is amazing. The one-on-one personal training means that my sessions are completely tailored to suit my abilities (which were very limited at the start).

The second part of the Shed equation is my favourite bit: the food. There is so much of it! It really is ‘a nutrition plan’ because it’s nothing like any diet I’d ever tackled. Nothing is really off limits, you just have to balance your carbs, protein and fats. Yep … carbs. PLENTY of them. I was never hungry, I didn’t have cravings and I lost 20 kilos in 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!

So now I’m halfway to my goal weight!! I didn’t have to starve myself, I didn’t feel like I was ever missing out and I’m stronger than I have ever been before. Dare I say it … over fifty and well on the way to fabulous!!

For anyone out there, particularly the fatties (I can say that, you're my kind!!) I implore you to join the Shed. If you’re sitting there mumbling ‘I don’t do gyms’, wake up and smell the sweat!!! I had never been a lover of exercise and if I’m truthful, that hasn’t really changed. I don’t get excited about going to gym (except for the laughter). What does excite me is the figure I see on the scales, the full and satisfied tummy (that is decidedly smaller than it was last year) and the energy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you SHED Fitness for turning my life around. I cannot find words to tell you how your program of fitness and nutrition has profoundly changed my world.